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There are other crucial factors in buying your projector other than taking a peek at your wallet and checking if you have enough budget to buy one. Most of us consider the price of the product and our budget before anything else, but you should definitely still check the specs first before picking and buying the one which we thought is “better” than the rest while keeping our wallet intact.

Knowing the projector from inside out even before you take it home will help you make the final decision of whether to really get one, which one and why so and then maximize its function once you already have it.

Good thing we’ve gathered the ultimate buyer’s guide to help you get through this decision-making process in a breeze when buying an ultra-short throw projectors...

Home Theater Ultra-Short Throw Projectors

Recommended for:

  • Home theater
  • Movie Marathon
  • Sports
  • Photo slideshows & Video Clips
  • 3D movies
  • Video games

Reasons to choose an Ultra-Short Throw home theater projector:

  • Instant Big Screen Entertainment
  • Short Throw Ratio for Small Spaces
  • HDMI ports for easy hookup to your home theater
  • Eliminates the use of messy cable wires



There are other factors that are as important as the throw ratio itself. Read on to know.


With ultra-short throw projectors throw ratio is one is one feature we should look at. The throw ratio determines the distance from your short throw projectors to the screen or wall. Most of the short throw projectors nowadays play on 0.5:1 and 0.3:1 throw ratio but this can be shorter depending on the brand you’ll choose. You can discover the world shortest throw projector here U100 Ultra Short Throw Projector & U200 Ultra Short Throw Projector with 0.2:1 throw ratio it is considered the leading in throw distance.


Perhaps you are not getting the satisfaction that you want on a small TV screen, so why not go big?

By big, I mean really big. Short throw projectors allow you to project different screen sizes depending on set-up. This type of projector will enable you to project 100” inches display images from 14cm -16 cm. This could go longer or shorter depending on the projector capacity, but sometimes it’s longer than that, so 14cm-16cm is already a haven for big screen picture.

The shorter, the better, the idea is to save space while having the big screen that you are dreaming of.

Screen sizes range from 40" measured diagonally to 300" measured diagonally or even more extensive.


So how much brightness do you need? There’s always a competition between your projector light and the ambient light, so you have to look for a projection with superb brightness. Well, you don’t need to worry, most projectors out there have excellent and bright forecast you just need to be keen on the lumens of the projector you are buying.

For short throw projectors always look for 3000 lumens and above. This will give you clear image display with superb quality and no image distortion. Even better if you’ll have one that has 3400 extra lumens, guaranteed that pictures will be sharp enough and visible even at a distance.

A bedroom where the lights can be turned off completely: 1500 to 2000 lumens

A classroom or conference room where the lights can be dimmed, if not fully extinguished: at least 3000 lumens


The next one that you should be paying attention to is the resolution, well not as important as you think it is but this one absolutely matters, you would not want to have distorted and pixelated images that will crash your fun during your movie date night or during sports watching with your friends. The higher the resolution, the better! Most short throw projectors nowadays have the 1280X800 resolution; it can go higher depending on the model.


Connectivity is extremely crucial; know your projectors connectivity to maximize its function. If you are a gamer, look for one which can be connected to a gaming console and have the big screen fun of playing all day. If you are fond of online streaming, then look for one which can be connected to your Wifi.

There are many types of projector connections, and that includes USB, VGA, Component, HDMI, Displayport and audio ports to be able to connect it to the sound system. I have great news for you! There are actually ultra short throw brands that doubled the connectivity for better functionality.

Other companies took connectivity to the next level; they designed multiple connectivities, so you can buy now short throw projectors that advertise X3 HDMI or X2 USB connectivity.

Make sure that you have the right type of inputs and outputs plus the right number of connections you need.


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Other factors for you to consider:


Digital Light Processing offers an excellent, colorful, bright image with good contrast. Since the space between each micromirror is less than one micron, the space between pixels is significantly limited.

Wait, what? Did I explain it clearly?


DLP imaging technology helps in giving you vivid and clear images as a final result the final image seems sharper. Compared to projectors using LCD technology. DLP also offers more profound contrast for unbeatable home cinema action with a perfect screen!

Some projectors are deemed unusable over time, so in a sense the quality of the picture people will be using degrades as the time goes, making it expensive. So it’s is better to invest in projectors that advertise DLP imaging technology.


For easy transportation and setting up your projectors, we consider the size and weight most of the times. Why? Simply because we are always after convenience, right?

Size matters and so does the weight. It will save you a huge amount of energy moving it around your house or transport it to and fro your office.

Just seconds ago, you learned about projectors with DLP imaging technology that gives great benefits on the visual clarity, but its benefits don’t end there, its single-panel structures allow the productions of projectors that are lighter and smaller, making them more flexible and portable at the same time.

So once you buy projectors that are built with DLP imaging technology rest assured that you'd have lighter model compared to LCD projectors or other types of traditional projectors.

Size and weight may vary depending on the manufacturer and brand you’ll choose.



So those are the pointers you have to consider when buying an ultra short throw projector, it’s important to compare and see the features first, because at the end of the day what matters is the projector that will give you the entertainment you want and convenience you need with excellent features and functionality.

With Ultra-short throw projectors, you can have the opportunity to reinvent your viewing experience and have the taste of satisfaction best served!

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